Social Media

Date: April 2017

1. Service

1.1 We will commence providing the Service after the fees payable for the first month have been received.

1.2 The Service is limited to those brands agreed between us and you, and cannot otherwise be shared across multiple brands.

1.3 The Services are commercial in nature, and you agree their provision constitutes a business to business relationship between you and us.

1.4 You authorise us to set up, regularly access and modify profiles representing you on online social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Urbanspoon, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Foursquare and Yellow Pages (Social Media Profiles).

1.5 You agree that we will not be responsible for any delays caused by any of the following reasons:

  1. should your account manager be unable to contact you at a mutually agreed time and date to discuss delivery of the Service;
  2. should you require more than 2 business days to review and approve via email any documentation, plans and/or any other collateral; or
  3. any other interaction between us and you that requires your input in order for the Service to be delivered.

1.6 Should we suggest any content for your Social Media Profiles, you acknowledge that such content will have no association or reflect the view or opinion of us or any of our employees or suppliers. It is your responsibility to ensure that any suggested content by us is suitable for your purposes.

2. Facebook advertising

2.1 Where a Facebook advertising add-on is chosen, we will plan for and use reasonable endeavours to spend the full amount each month. Subject to clause 2.2, there will be no refunds given or credits transferred to subsequent months if the full amount is not spent in a month.

2.2 If the amount spent on advertisements is less than 80% of the nominated amount, the unused amount will be transferred to the budget for the next month.

2.3 We are not obliged to provide any refunds for any portion of the nominated amount that has not been spent if the Services are cancelled for any reason.

2.4 Add-on packs may be purchased on a month by month basis at any time.

3. Third party sites

3.1 The provision of the Service may rely on websites operated by third parties outside our control (Third Party Sites). We’re not responsible for availability, accuracy, legality or decency of material or copyright compliance of the Third Party Sites.

3.2 Linking to Third Party Sites is entirely at your own risk and we’re not liable or responsible for any advertising, products or materials on Third Party Sites.

3.3 We are not responsible or liable in any way for any loss or damage you incur or allege to have incurred, either directly or indirectly, as a result of your use and/or reliance upon a Third Party Site.