Why every business needs adequate website security

With over 30,000 websites being hacked each day, a breach of your website could put customer data at risk, or in a worst-case scenario, see your business go under.   In this article, I’ll talk about why you need website security and how to secure your website so your business doesn’t become the next victim. … Continue reading “Why every business needs adequate website security”

What exactly is a WordPress website?

If you’ve been thinking about creating a company website or updating your current one, you’ll have most certainly come across the term ‘WordPress’ several times during your research.   In this article, you’ll learn what a WordPress website is and why it may be beneficial for your business. What is WordPress? WordPress is an open … Continue reading “What exactly is a WordPress website?”

Why can’t I just use a free email address for my business?

When taking your business into the digital world, there are 101 things you need to do just to get started.   One of them is changing your personal Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address to a business one.   In this article, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use a personal email address for business, … Continue reading “Why can’t I just use a free email address for my business?”

I’ve just launched my new website. What should I do next?

After launching your website, the worst thing you can do is stand idle hoping people will somehow just find you online, because they won’t.   Yet so many business owners do just that and vent when they receive 0 visitors.   Launching a website is only the first step to building your business’s online presence. … Continue reading “I’ve just launched my new website. What should I do next?”

5 reasons to invest in social media marketing

Almost every global business is using social media to generate awareness, sales and increase their marketing ROI. But is social media useful for small and enterprise level businesses? Answer: yes, and here’s why. 1. Customers want you on social media A HubSpot report revealed that customers expect businesses to be using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: … Continue reading “5 reasons to invest in social media marketing”