I’ve just launched my new website. What should I do next?

After launching your website, the worst thing you can do is stand idle hoping people will somehow just find you online, because they won’t.


Yet so many business owners do just that and vent when they receive 0 visitors.


Launching a website is only the first step to building your business’s online presence. The next step is getting people to your website.


But how?

Social media marketing

82% of residents in Victoria access the Internet every single day:




With over 50% of them using social media at least once per day:





One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website is using social media platforms such as:




Google Plus



These platforms contain thousands of your ideal customers and setting up an account on any of the listed sites is free. You’re able to distribute content using free or paid mediums and drive traffic to your website:




Pay per click marketing (PPC)

Pay per click is an online marketing strategy to drive people to your website. Whereas while social media gives you the option to post content for free and drive traffic, you have zero control over who clicks.


Utilising pay per click allows you to target customers of a certain age group, gender, job title and even location. For example, if you run a local yoga studio for moms in the heart of Melbourne, you can serve adverts showing your yoga studio to mums who are within a 10km distance from your studio only.


Pay per click is suitable for all budgets as you can set up online marketing campaigns from as little as $1 per day (yes, just $1 per day).


Don’t have the time? Partner up with a digital agency

Once you get to grips with social media marketing and PPC, it can quickly become overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in all the noise as you run your business and manage your employees.


It takes marketers years to master PPC and social media, and most local businesses owners don’t have that much time to learn.


That’s when using an online digital agency becomes a suitable solution to helping you grow your business, they will have experts leading your marketing strategy allowing you to focus on what you and your employees do best.

What’s your next step?

Don’t make the mistake most local business owners in Melbourne make by giving up after you’ve developed your website.


Now is the time to leverage the power of online marketing and drive highly targeted customers to your website.


Learn how you can use search engine marketing to grow your business.

Why your domain says a lot about your business

Your business’s domain name is the foundation of your online presence. It will be listed on every email you send out, linked in the profile section of every social media account you set up, and will be what your customers type into Google.


A domain name says a lot about your business, here’s how the average consumer thinks when looking at your domain.


Searchers looking for something local (restaurant, dentist, gym, retail store) pay a lot of attention to a domain’s top-level domain (TLD).


For example, if your domain ends in .com.au or .Melbourne, straightaway they know the business is local and relevant to them, compared to a .com domain which often leads to businesses located in the US.


You can even use industry-specific gTLDs such as .plumber or .doctor as they are starting to become popular for niche services.


Google use the .xyz prefix to host their parent company Alphabet: https://abc.xyz/


Businesses who do not use private hosting instantly ruin their authority. You can host websites for free on platforms such as Blogspot or WordPress, but it’s not advisable.


The problem with free hosting is your website domain name will come attached with theirs (.blogspot or .WordPress) which looks cheap and unprofessional.


Which of these two links would you visit:





Always opt for private hosting to keep your business’s credibility intact.

Is it memorable?

A memorable domain name is imperative if you’re trying to brand your business.


Avoid going for domain names such as BestDentistsInMelbourne.com.au or MelbournceTopPlumberServices.com.au as they are difficult to type, not brandable, and look very spammy.


Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Google – these are all single word brands that everyone is aware of.


Focus on choosing a name that best represents your brand. Shorter URLs are better for SEO and marketing purposes.


Consumers are becoming more tech savvy and will scrutinise your domain name to get a feel for your business.


Your domain name will reveal whether you’re business minded, if you value the reputation of your brand, are technically proficient, and whether you have embraced the Digital Age.


Look at the world’s largest brands and you’ll notice they all pick names that tie in with the points above.


Find your business the right domain by using our free domain name search.

My domain name is taken! What should I do?

When someone else has taken the domain name you wanted, what should you do?


In this article, I’ll discuss what action you should take if your chosen domain has already been taken.

Is the domain you wanted a trademark?

When the Dotcom boom swept the world during the early 2000s, it was common for people to buy branded or trademarked domains and sell them back to the brand at inflated prices (known as cybersquatting).


Since then, infringement and trademark laws have been introduced to stop people from cybersquatting and extorting businesses for money.


If your domain is taken but you feel it infringes your brand or trademark, you can appeal to the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) or Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to obtain it lawfully.


If there is no breach of law, you can contact the owner and negotiate to purchase the domain off them (but don’t expect it to be cheap).

Consider other top-level-domains

If your primary domain is taken, there’s a very good chance the domain you want is available for other top-level-domains (TLDs). For example, if the .com version of your domain is taken, consider buying the com.au or .Melbourne (or equivalent) domain if you’re servicing a local area.


Many .com domains are taken today but there are thousands of high quality com.au domains you can use instead.

Don’t use dashes (hyphenated domains)

It can be very tempting to use “-” in your domain if your main choice is taken, but I strongly advise against it.


If you tell someone your business’s website is www.Rental-Houses-Melbourne.com.au most will type in www.RentalHousesMelbourne.com.au and be welcomed with an error.


Dashes are considered less professional and spammy, and can negatively impact your business’s SEO.


How many major businesses or brands do you know that use dashes in their domain name?

Add a relevant word if needed

If the domain name you want is taken, you may be able to make single-word adjustments to grab a very similar domain while retaining its integrity.


For example, if I had a real estate business called Top Property and the name was taken, I could consider:


TopPropertyMelbourne.com (city my business is located)


TopPropertyRealtors.com (the industry I work in)


TopPropertyVictoria.com (state my business is located)


Each word better describes my business, provides greater relevance to the searcher and shows my brand name in the domain.


Avoid using numbers or adjectives such as best, awesome, or rated in your domain, as they are commonly twinned with low quality businesses.

If my domain name isn’t taken, should I buy all its TLDs?

It’s a smart idea to buy the most popular TLDs if your chosen domain name is free, to save yourself the stress and worry of someone buying them later to cybersquat, or if you decide to expand your business.


It’s best practice to buy at least the .com, .com.au, and .Melbourne (or equivalent) TLDs of your chosen domain name.


I wouldn’t worry too much about .org or .net.


Not being able to have the domain name you wanted is not the end of the world. If you’re a business without a website, I strongly advise you to get your domain registration done today to avoid problems in the future.


Want to know if your domain name is taken? Use our free domain name search to find out.

5 reasons to invest in social media marketing

Almost every global business is using social media to generate awareness, sales and increase their marketing ROI. But is social media useful for small and enterprise level businesses? Answer: yes, and here’s why.

1. Customers want you on social media

A HubSpot report revealed that customers expect businesses to be using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


Consumers view businesses that use social media as a sign that they are with the times and relevant today. A local business that updated its Facebook page a few hours ago is one that is still in business, compared to those who have not updated their pages for months making consumers confused about their status.

2. It’s the best way to generate brand awareness

49% of Australians use social media every single day, 45% check their accounts first thing in the morning:



Everyone is using social media and there’s no better platform to generate brand awareness for your business. Facebook ads even has an objective specifically for promoting brand awareness:


3. You can reach any objective

As the image above shows, you can reach just about any online marketing objective using social media. Everything from generating more sales, leads to creating a brand identity in your local area.Facebook ads has yielded an incredible ROI for many Australian businesses which you can learn about here.

4. Social media helps other parts of your marketing strategy

Do you create blog content, produce videos, publish images or write reports? Social media is the ideal avenue to boost the visibility of your content and get it seen by the world.

Using a mixture of paid and organic posting, you can merge different areas of online marketing into one. For example, you may link a blog post on Facebook which a fan reads and directly opt-ins to your newsletter. You then send them an email to one of your offers and they make a transaction with your business. Blogging, social media and email marketing together have converted a prospect into a customer.


Social media works with everything!

5. Your competitors are using social media

Fear is a great motivator for us all. There’s a good chance your competitors are already using social media to achieve all of the objectives listed in this article and more. The longer your business remains on the sidelines the more customers and market share they will gobble up.

Look around you and everyone is glued to their smartphones checking their social media profiles or using Google to find something. Consumer focus is shifting to the Internet and social media will become a huge part of it.


Learn how your business can grow from digital marketing here.