Sitelock Service

Date: April 2014

These are the Service Terms for the Sitelock service. The service description for Sitelock is set out here: Our Universal Terms of Service apply to these Services.

1. Services

1.1 These services are provided by our end Supplier, Sitelock. All references to “us” and “our” include a reference to our Supplier.

1.2 “Expert Services” means secure web design and website cleaning services, either manually or automatically through services such as Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART).

1.3 “Security Audits” are audits conducted to determine the compliance of network devices that have published security standards and to disclose security vulnerabilities and may include but are not limited to, port scanning and port connections, assessing services by checking versions and responses to certain requests, crawling websites to perform testing of forms, application responses to confirm the existence of certain files, downloading and scanning the source code files of websites.

1.4 This Service is only available for use

1.5 You should only use the Service in connection with domain names for which you are the administrative contact and which are hosted with us. We reserve the right to refuse to perform any Sitelock services if you do not comply with this obligation.

2. Expert Services

2.1 If you use Expert Services, we may:

  1. use your credentials to log into your website through your control panel and/or FTP;
  2. download your website, including but not limited to the website images, pages, code, database, and any associated application s related to your website;
  3. diagnose, repair, and/or remove any malware or links to malware, modify code to remove vulnerabilities identified to be database or cross-site scripting types of hacks;
  4. perform web design services and/or create new webpages;
  5. re-upload your website and/or modify your login credentials to any application, account and/or related matters;
  6. contact your hosting company on your behalf;
  7. contact Google, Phistank and/or other malware listing authorities on your behalf.

2.2 You may use SMART to perform scans in addition to the activities set out above.

2.3 If you use Expert Service, you must assist us as follows:

  1. Modifying your login credentials for FTP account(s), hosting account(s), applications and email account(s) using a strong password (i.e. upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, symbols);
  2. Keeping up-to-date and running all anti-virus software on all your devices;
  3. Research any plug-ins, scripts, programs and themes that you implement for known security vulnerabilities;
  4. Removing any known and/or unresolved vulnerabilities;
  5. Removing unused FTP accounts;
  6. Removing all unknown cron jobs;
  7. Securing the php configuration settings in you php.ini;
  8. Updating the file permissions for files and folders in your account;
  9. Purchasing any required upgrades of third-party software necessary to prevent security vulnerabilities.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1 You understand and acknowledge that in some situations, based on our analysis of customer practices, certain automated or manual system probes to identify website and network vulnerabilities:

  1. Will be inherently invasive and intrusive and include attempts by us or our agents to gain unauthorised access to your systems in an effort to make you aware of those areas in which your system is vulnerable to intrusion, damage and/or unauthorised use;
  2. May result in inadvertent damage to your system as a result of dissimilarities among network systems
  3. May cause excessive amounts of log messages resulting in excessive disk space consumption
  4. May cause degradation of your system as a result of attempts to penetrate it including but not limited to possible “slowdowns”, “hanging” or “crashing” of your system, possible failure of your system as a result of attempts to invade it, or any other damage resulting from intrusive and/or invasive techniques used to gain access to your systems

3.2 You hereby give informed consent to intrusion into your systems by us and our agents for the sole purpose of performing some of our services. You hereby authorise us to perform Security Audits on any devices and IP addresses specified by you.

3.3 You acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable for any delays or damages caused by our services including Expert Services or Security Audits.

4. Right to Display the SiteLock Seals

4.1 You agree that you will only place the HTML code for SiteLock Seals (“Seals”) on sites that have our approval. The Seals shall at all times be served only from our designated servers and remain our property and under our full control. We have the right to terminate the display of the Seals should any customer website and/or any other device being scanned that is used in connection with that website or its services fails to meet our certification guidelines.

4.2 Removal of the Seals does not relieve you of any financial obligation to us, nor does it constitute any responsibility for refund of any fees during the time that the Seals are not displayed. Should you discontinue the services, you must immediately delete all HTML source code supplied by us from your servers.

4.3 You are prohibited from using the Seals for or on behalf of any other organisation or in connection with any domain name and/or organisation name other than those permitted by us, which is registered and established under your account.

4.4 You will not modify the Seals in any form, alter the data contained within the image, alter the file name of the image or artificially alter the size or shape of the image(s). The right to display the Seals is a non-exclusive and non-transferable, limited licence which may be rescinded at any time at our sole discretion.

5 Use of Interactive Services

5.1 Any support tools, chat rooms, forums, blogs or additional interactive tools associated with these services are intended as a tool to converse about computer security issues, generally available SiteLock products, services and other business and technical issues associated with the use of the services.

5.2 You are not permitted to use these interactive services to solicit business.

5.3 We do not typically screen or edit user content or monitor interactive services except as needed to provide technical and customer support, but reserve the right to do so at any time.

5.4 We are not responsible for any unintended or prohibited content.