Domain Backorder Services

Date: November 2018

1. A Domain Backorder service means a request by you to us for a domain name that is not available for public registration at the time the back order request is submitted, but which we will monitor, and if and as the domain selected becomes available for public registration, we will attempt to register it on your behalf.

2. Domains will only become available if:

  1. They are not renewed within the specified policy framework for the relevant domain space and are purged by the Registry; or
  2. The registry is specifically instructed by the domain owner, or a relevant authority to delete the domain.

3. By entering into a domain back order service on any domain you agree and understand that:

  1. The domain may never become available for public registration at any time in the future and that we have made no warranty or representation express or otherwise that we will be able to register your back order requested domain at any time;
  2. You will not hold us liable in any way whatsoever if we are unable to register your back order requested domain name;
  3. Domain back order fees are not refundable at any time, including should we not be able to register your back order requested domain name if and as it becomes available for registration;
  4. A selected domain name shall be registered using the Registrant details supplied at the time the back order agreement is entered into by the respective parties. These Registrant details are not able to be subsequently modified or otherwise changed;
  5. Should any domain name be registered via the back order service, the cost of that registration is included in the back order fees and charges that have been paid as part of the defined service;
  6. Domain back orders are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Any duplicate (or multiple) applications will be prioritised in the chronological order of acceptance of those orders. We will not at any time disclose the acceptance of competing orders;
  7. The domain back order service is an ongoing annual service commitment, and will incur a specified annual fee. We shall continue to monitor and otherwise attempt to register a back ordered domain until such time as you cancel this service using the prescribed method of service cancellation. You can terminate the agreement at any time, on the basis that prepaid service fees are non-refundable.