DNS Management Service

Date: April 2017

1. Service

1.1 DNS Management is a service that allows an end user to control how their domain works. We will provide the end user with a user interface to edit their zone files (Service).

1.2 The Service operates on a self-serve basis. You will be responsible for all changes made and you accept all liability for any detriment suffered as a result of any changes made.

1.3 This Service is only available for domain names which are either registered with or under management of Melbourne IT.

1.4 This Service is currently provided at no charge to you as a Melbourne IT customer (other than for Service Requests). However, we reserve the right, at any time in the future, to and you acknowledge that we may charge for, this Service upon 30 days prior written notice. You will be provided with the option to Opt-Out of the Service at the time we elect to start to impose a charge for this Service.

1.5 Any Service Request must be submitted in writing to us prior to any work being performed. We may charge a reasonable fee for implementing any Service Request.

1.6 You acknowledge that changes made via the user interface can take time to propagate, and that we cannot guarantee any performance time for the implementation of changes, or the time it takes for the internet to be aware of the changes.

2. Cancellation of Service

2.1 You may cancel the Service at any time;

2.2 The Service will be automatically cancelled by us, if or when the domain name which the Service is provisioned for is:

  1. (a)transferred away from our management; or
  2. (b) cancelled at the registry, either by non-renewal or by explicit cancellation by you.

2.3 We may suspend or cease providing the Service for any reason on 5 business days’ notice.