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Igniting Innovation

Cloud is an essential ingredient to enable innovation in your organisation and establish a platform for digital transformation success.

7-Eleven Case Study

7-Eleven wanted to develop a cloud-based reporting solution to proactively manage their employee compliance risks and specific operational processes.

BSM Global

BSM Global wanted to increase their ability to deal with scale and be more resilient and responsive to change.


beyondblue set out to improve overall site stability, improve responsiveness of the site, and put in place support that would guarantee uptime.

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW RFS website designed and tested to withstand up to 20 million hits.

How To Achieve Sustainable Change At Pace

To remain competitive in today’s constantly changing environment, business leaders need to ensure that customers can interact with their business anywhere, anytime.

Revolutionising User Experiences with Machine Learning

We’ve been surrounded by systems that rely on Machine Learning for decades now, but most of us have been unaware. They exist in applications such as...

A letter from the Executive Director of Innovation, July 2017

The idea that Innovation is 'Change that adds value', forms the foundation of our Innovation programs across the business.

Hackathon: Empowering Communities Through Finance

Enterprise Services held its first truly nation-wide Hackathon, featuring teams from across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Safe Food Queensland

Safe Food digitised their system in order to improve the efficiency of reporting and allow them to better regulate the processing of chicken in Queensland.

Bounce Inc

With highly successful locations across Australia, Bounce Inc. has set its sights to enter new international markets to drive its global expansion.

Campbell Arnott's

Campbell Arnott's needed a partner with the skills & capacity to reengineer a long-lasting cloud configuration on the fly.


Kyocera required a unified platform that delivered reduced costs, saved time & delivered a seamless experience.


Learn how the Outware Mobile Practice from Melbourne IT delivered the Coles Mobile Wallet app that provides customers with convenient and secure access via their phone.

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web Apps is basically a next generation web app that allows for more engaging, native-like interactions on mobile and desktop.

Increase Agility and Lower Costs with Cloud

Providing Managed Services across cloud and traditional platforms in a consistent manner and at a consistent pace is becoming increasingly important.


Amongst all the announcements at Google I/O, there were a few key points...


Augmented reality (AR), the technology enabling virtual objects to be placed into a view of the physical environment...

Using Amazon Alexa for Online Shopping

We demonstrate how we turned current thinking about how the visually impaired orders online on its head.

PARCELBOT: A VR and Voice Experience

A Virtual Reality proof of concept that would allow posties to view information about specific addresses.

The BiModal IT Approach

The adoption of cloud services in Australia is growing rapidly with Compound Annual Growth rates of 23-24 percent.

Cloud Factory

Cloud Factory is a solution for migrating data centres to the public cloud and reducing the complexity within IT operations.

Enabling Enterprise Adoption: AWS build or buy considerations

Decision making around new infrastructure technologies. Build it or buy it?

The Digital Enterprise: Transforming Business In The Cloud

Cloud transformation isn’t just for emerging companies; it is vital to the success of every enterprise in this digital age.

Best Practice For Benchmarking Web & Mobile Site Performance

Before beginning any kind of remedial work, CIOs and CMOs need to know how their existing online presence is performing.

Checklist: Considerations For The Best UX

Use this checklist to ensure a new website user interface is properly engineered to deliver against your business goals.

Checklist: PCI/ISO Compliance

PCI/ISO standards prepare businesses with an online presence to protect themselves from the attentions of hackers.

Checklist: Online Security Strategy

Designed to assess your approach towards online security & identify areas of your strategy that require re-evaluation.

The Perfect E-Retail Site

Deliver what the customers wants. Meet this need and a business can improve conversion rates, attract traffic and encourage customers back.

Are you at risk?

Everything you need to know to secure your web presence. With key considerations and defense strategies.

Managing public cloud workloads

Large companies are shifting more aggressively to the public cloud to run a variety of production applications at scale.

The importance of performance: everything you need to know

Invest sufficient resources to improve conversion rates & profitability.

An e-guide to online security

New risks & challenges go hand-in-hand with new opportunities to communicate with your target audience; as cyber criminals exploit the internet’s increasing complexity.

The importance of multi-layered web security

The unfortunate reality is that if your business has an online presence, you are a potential target for the attention of all manner of hackers and cybercriminals.


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