Cloud Services

Secure, stable, high-performance cloud platforms that scale with your organisation.

Backed by unrivalled expertise, experience and commitment to governance and best practice, Melbourne IT deliver secure, stable, high-performance cloud platforms that scale with your organisation without impact.

Whether you’re trialling key cloud services to accelerate a business process or embracing a future ready, cloud-first IT strategy, let our expert and experienced team help you avoid any false steps on your journey. We have expertise across, private, public and hybrid cloud models and have built cloud-based platforms and systems supporting millions of users. We bring the agile ideas of startups to large organisations and practice the same stringent attention to detail across processes and security with every project, whether large or small.


With the increasing complexity of IT and today's speed of change, discovering more efficient ways to deliver highly available services that flex with the business rhythms is essential to successfully compete and grow. The Melbourne IT cloud services practice has extensive tooling, experience and professionals on hand to help you drive better enterprise business outcomes by leveraging smart technology.

Cloud Migration with cloud factory

Shift your workloads on time and on budget with Cloud Factory. Melbourne IT has an exclusive alliance with leading U.S. Cloud migration vendor, 2nd Watch. Cloud Factory tooling, methodologies and professionals enable enterprise workloads to be migrated to the public cloud with little to no refactoring of the application. Migration Orchestrator automates the end-to-end migration workflow from the data centre to the public cloud.

Managed cloud services

Melbourne IT has been delivering and managing workloads for enterprises for over 15 years. We have the right certifications, tooling, experience, agility and scale to align with the largest of enterprises seeking Cloud operations expertise. Our team of 150+ architects, engineers and consultants are focused 100% on customer operations—from infrastructure to code. We deliver continuous 24x7x365 support with industry leading SLAs aligned uniquely to your own business outcomes.

Identity management

Traditional IAM platform deployments have not kept pace with the more sophisticated requirements of managing digital customer and partner identities in a manner that enhances UX and productivity. Delivering sophisticated IAM services reduces risks, drives customer satisfaction (UX), enhances digital brand trust, and delivers operational efficiencies. Valuable analytics are also derived to empower digital marketers to drive customer engagements and revenue growth. Speak with Melbourne IT today to determine how you can efficiently implement identity management from our Enterprise Grade subscription platform.

Cloud optimisation

The benefits of cloud services are well understood by businesses, but getting the most out of your cloud-based applications requires a considered approach to achieve the best results. To ensure you get the most out of your cloud platform, it's important to consider every aspect of the solution that can impact your performance and budget objectives. Our cloud optimisation services provide a structured approach to optimising your environment so you get the performance you expect while minimising your operational costs.

Our Work

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest volunteer fire service, with over 72,000 members providing fire and emergency relief across NSW.

Our Work


beyondblue’s online platforms are key in providing education and support to those in need. Any outages of the platform can cause undue stress and risk to those involved.

Our Work

Campbell Arnott's.

As they approached a major company milestone, we helped Campbell Arnott’s develop a last-minute solution that could support future growth.

Our Work

BSM Global

BSM Global is a leading supplier of trade management solutions for importers and exporters, providing technical and commercial consulting, as well as cloud-based software solutions for international trade and supply chain operations.

Our Work

Bounce Inc.

With highly successful seven locations across Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, Bounce Inc. has set its sights to enter new international markets to drive its global expansion.

Our Work


Read how we equipped Kyocera with a unified platform that allowed their business to deliver even more seamless online customer experiences.

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How we do it

High-performance Cloud Solutions

Melbourne IT creates innovative, intelligent solutions, but our overarching focus is on how those solutions provide value for customers. This means that our commitment to value starts before and goes beyond design and delivery of our solutions.


It’s all about value,
all the time

Looking past the immediate technology or systems issue to the core of the business need, we have the knowledge and experience to take a broad and long-term view that encompasses consulting, design, deployment, education as well as ongoing management and evolution of platforms and systems.

Continues value

We recognise that businesses change, so our solutions must be flexible. Economies fluctuate, so our solutions must be scalable. Organisations also rely on solutions from other providers, so when those solutions change, ours must be built to adapt. Only in this way can a solution deliver ongoing value.

Design, build,

To create true value for every customer, we partner with them throughout a process that will deliver a transformative outcome for their organisation. Through insightful design, expert build and attentive ongoing management, we bring our skills and experience to bear, adding value at every step.

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