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An effective security strategy is critical to minimising the risks associated with the ever-increasing number of threats companies face today. Our team of security experts provide a complete range of security services centred around threat assessment, strategy and architecture, incident analysis, penetration testing -- all the way through to deployment and ongoing management. Our experience in responding to thousands of security intrusions gives us a unique insight into the most effective security controls and policies to minimise your security risk profile, while improving the flexibility and agility you need to compete.

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Vulnerability Scanning

New security flaws and misconfigurations are exploited every day around the world, and businesses are now more aware of the potential risks than ever before. Regular vulnerability scanning is a critical component of any successful information security program, and in many instances it's required to maintain compliance. Our security team provides vulnerability scanning services so that corrective actions can be taken to protect your business operations, brand and market reputation.

Identity Management

Traditional IAM platform deployments have not kept pace with the more sophisticated requirements of managing digital customer and partner identities in a manner that enhances UX and productivity. Delivering sophisticated IAM services reduces risks, drives customer satisfaction (UX), enhances digital brand trust, and delivers operational efficiencies. Valuable analytics can also empower digital marketers to drive customer engagements and revenue growth. Speak with Melbourne IT today to determine how you can efficiently implement identity management from our Enterprise Grade subscription platform.

Incident Analysis & Reporting

After any security breach it is crucial to understand the source and full extent of the problem in order to effectively respond and eradicate its presence in your environment. Our security team can help you identify and control the breach or work with you after the breach to thoroughly investigate the incident and provide you with a post-incident report covering the findings.

Penetration Testing

Any security breach or related interruption can have a significant impact on an organisation's brand and market reputation. Penetration testing enables you to proactively test and evaluate security vulnerabilities in a controlled manner to mitigate any potential threats. Melbourne IT's security team have extensive experience in developing and executing penetration testing programs that provide detailed information on actual and exploitable security threats, so that your organisation can address the risks before an attack or security breach occurs.

Managed Security Solutions

The number of security breaches and the evolving threat landscape is changing the way companies think about their security requirements. Cyber-crime and security-related legislation are driving change, and as a result, companies are increasingly seeking outside help to manage the new reality. Our suite of market-leading security capabilities provides an end-to-end solution for physical, virtual and cloud servers from a single integrated platform. Our extensive range of services, automation tools and 24/7 sys ops help desk ensures our customers get the best support in the industry

Consulting & Compliance

At Melbourne IT our security consulting team partners with you to help build effective security programs that not only protect your infrastructure, but also enhance your business operations. With over a decade of experience in securing many of Australia's most well-known platforms, we have the expertise, tools and processes to ensure your business has the protection it needs. 

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NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest volunteer fire service, with over 72,000 members providing fire and emergency relief across NSW.

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beyondblue’s online platforms are key in providing education and support to those in need. Any outages of the platform can cause undue stress and risk to those involved.

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Campbell Arnott's.

As they approached a major company milestone, we helped Campbell Arnott’s develop a last-minute solution that could support future growth.

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BSM Global

BSM Global is a leading supplier of trade management solutions for importers and exporters, providing technical and commercial consulting, as well as cloud-based software solutions for international trade and supply chain operations.

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Bounce Inc.

With highly successful seven locations across Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, Bounce Inc. has set its sights to enter new international markets to drive its global expansion.


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