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When Kyocera Document Solutions decided to make the move from an unwieldy collection of web platforms and hosting arrangements to one streamlined, future-ready solution, Melbourne IT provided the best solution to suit their requirements.


Along with its ever-expanding suite of multi-function devices, Kyocera's web presence had also evolved over the years into a complicated collection of separate websites, customer portals and applications, each with its own hosting arrangement. Not only was this difficult to manage, it was almost impossible to streamline backend services, gather and interpret customer data, or link it with their ERP systems in a way that brought value to the business. Working in conjunction with its marketing team, Kyocera's IT Manager Michael Sexton was looking for a unified platform that would reduce costs, save his team's valuable time and empower the business to deliver the kind of seamless experiences that their customers expected. It had to be flexible enough to keep pace with technical advances, and it had to be supported here in Australia by a local team that was accessible 24/7.


Melbourne IT Enterprise Services began their engagement with Kyocera by stepping back from the technical requirements alone and working with their team to truly understand the business and its overall marketing and customer experience objectives. After a series of face-to-face meetings, Melbourne IT's Solution Architects sat down with Kyocera's IT Manager, Michael Sexton, with schematic diagrams and whiteboarded three different options.

Considering key factors such as redundancy of Internet access, disaster prevention, access speed, technical support and server maintenance, Sexton ran a detailed comparison among the options offered by Melbourne IT, Kyocera's existing setup and other solutions on offer. In the end, he decided on an integrated multi-server solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS). And he selected Melbourne IT as the AWS partner that would help Kyocera to design, build and eventually manage their solution, as well as their chosen backend content management system, Microsoft SharePoint.

According to Sexton, Melbourne IT offered Kyocera the most competitive quote, but more than that, they were far more responsive and approachable than other providers, some of whom didn't even return his calls. Within only eight weeks, Melbourne IT was able to lead Kyocera from an initial meeting to implementation of their new solution. "They were very proactive," he says. "No fanfare. They just did their job. And that was really good for us."

Melbourne IT was also able to provide a local support team, with 24/7 access to actual systems operations engineers who were able to work through the night to make real time changes.

Now Kyocera is implementing a simplified platform, with an integrated site that allows easy data evaluation, real-time updates from the business itself, and the safeguards that will ensure the company's resilience on the web into the long term. "It's given us a building block to work from now that we didn't have previously," says Sexton. "The systems we've put in place, we can really build on those."

For Sexton, after such a positive experience, it just made sense to bring even more of their web assets into the cloud. Plus, Melbourne IT's solutions made managing the company's digital presence much easier without the extra costs that he had previously expected with managed service providers. "I'm getting the full works version, and I'm not paying that much extra, with all the bells and whistles," he says. "And it's not just money for them. Melbourne IT wants to provide a service that works and helps you. From their technicians to their AMs, you can't fault them. Now we have a one-stop shop to plan whatever we want."


  • Local, proactive support
  • Top-line disaster prevention
  • Empowerment of key business stakeholders, not just IT
  • High access speeds
  • Seamless transition
  • Regular server maintenance and updates
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • More time to focus on innovation & what's next for the business
  • Internet redundancy

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