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Smartphones, tablets and mobile apps have become a ubiquitous part of Australian society. In 2014, there was an estimated 14 million smartphone users and 11 million tablet users every month in Australia. This makes mobile a critical part of any business-to-business and business-to-consumer solution.

The Outware Mobile Practice from Melbourne IT offers a comprehensive and sophisticated suite of enterprise-grade mobile engagement solutions that will help you create a competitive advantage and achieve your business objectives. Outware Mobile specialises in creating mobile software that delivers great user experiences with technical excellence in engineering. We use best practice delivery methodologies to create intuitive, effective and engaging mobile experiences.

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Native apps enable businesses to take advantage of the hardware on mobile devices to create innovative, engaging and powerful mobile solutions that are rich in functionality and responsive in design. We have dedicated iOS and Android teams that are experienced in developing apps for enterprise level organisations that are reliable, scalable and user-friendly. Our in-depth knowledge of both Apple and Google’s best practice guidelines, conventions and specifications means that the software we build is the best in class in terms of architectural design and code quality. Our tried and tested development methodology is based on Agile principles and produces high quality software that meets business objectives.


We take a user-centred approach to the design of all our software. We take the time to understand our clients’ business objectives and consider the needs of the end user to design a mobile product that will meet the requirements of both. Our goal is to design apps that are intuitive, effective and engaging experience for the user. This in turn will deliver great results for our clients. Unlike web, native applications have user interface controls and elements that are specific to the device and operating system. Our UX and UI design teams have an in-depth understanding of iOS and Android platform conventions, and are experienced at creating award-winning designs.


Depending on your business requirements, Outware Mobile provides a range of Quality Assurance services including unit testing, user acceptance testing and automated testing. Our experienced team of test analysts are trained to test against user requirements as well as technical requirements to ensure that our apps are of the highest quality. We follow a behaviour driven development approach and work with our clients to develop fully testable user stories and test cases as part of the delivery process.


We have a dedicated team of software engineers who specialise in integration services that connects our apps to the required infrastructure, services and databases behind the scenes. Our experienced team work with our clients to design and build support services such as middleware, databases, web services, continuous integration servers and stub servers to support mobile application products using best practice methodologies.


Our project management approach is based on Agile principles, with a focus on collaboration, open communication channels and the ability to respond to change. Our experienced team of project managers liaise with all key stakeholders to manage the scope, timeline and budget of projects. We have established project management processes in place to ensure the successful delivery of mobile software products, with regular reporting and governance structures that support our clients in managing risk and issues.


The entire team at Outware Mobile is incredibly passionate about mobile technology. We have our finger on the pulse of all mobile industry trends and technology developments because we love it. On top of that, we understand the business needs of our clients and how to deliver business value through mobile software. We provide consulting services for our clients on how they can strategically use mobile software solutions to create competitive advantage, improve efficiencies or increase revenue for the long term success of their business or organisation.

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NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest volunteer fire service, with over 72,000 members providing fire and emergency relief across NSW.

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BSM Global

BSM Global is a leading supplier of trade management solutions for importers and exporters, providing technical and commercial consulting, as well as cloud-based software solutions for international trade and supply chain operations.

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Safe Food Queensland

Safe Food Queensland is the regulatory body that oversees all food production processes in Queensland. Safe Food Queensland’s mandate is to ensure that all businesses understand their responsibilities regarding food safety, and in doing so, allow consumers to have confidence in the safety and quality of food produced in Queensland.

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Forwood is a cutting edge software and consulting company that specializes in operational risk management tools for high risk industries. Forwood’s Flagship Product; the Critical Risk Management (CRM) System changes the way safety is managed in the workplace. This product has been successfully implemented in some of the largest high risk operations in the world. Early adopters of the system have entered their 7th year fatality free.

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beyondblue’s online platforms are key in providing education and support to those in need. Any outages of the platform can cause undue stress and risk to those involved.

The Outware Mobile Practice from Melbourne IT was founded by developers and brings software engineering expertise to the mobile app industry.

Treating every project as a software engineering exercise, and providing clients with a full range of services to build mobile apps and the supporting infrastructure to main these products.



App Design Awards 2015 CRN and Campaign 2014
W3 and App Design Awards Smart and Deloitte awards
AIMIA and BRW Awards


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