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Melbourne IT creates innovative, intelligent solutions, but our overarching focus is on how those solutions provide value for customers. This means that our commitment to value starts before and goes beyond design and delivery of our solutions.

It's all about value, all the time

Looking past the immediate technology or systems issue to the core of the business need, we have the knowledge and experience to take a broad and long-term view that encompasses consulting, design, deployment, education as well as ongoing management and evolution of platforms and systems. Everything we do is designed to make a positive impact on your organisation, whether that’s increasing business efficiency, reducing costs and overheads, making data more valuable or creating experiences that win and retain customers, both internal and external.

Continuous value delivery

We recognise that businesses change, so our solutions must be flexible. Economies fluctuate, so our solutions must be scalable. Organisations also rely on solutions from other providers, so when those solutions change, ours must be built to adapt. Only in this way can a solution deliver ongoing value.

Transformational through technology platforms and innovation can also challenge the status quo. We will help your staff and stakeholders through the adoption process, fostering lasting cultural change that encourages the understanding and intelligent use of technology throughout your organisation. Our process and professionalism enables us to foster trusting relationships between ourselves and our customers, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing that continually increases the value of the project and our engagement.

Design, build, manage

To create true value for every customer, we partner with them throughout a process that will deliver a transformative outcome for their organisation. Through insightful design, expert build and attentive ongoing management, we bring our skills and experience to bear, adding value at every step.


The most valuable solutions produce measurable and consistent business impact across an evolutionary lifecycle, creating value at every step. Every organisation is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. With our scale, cross-disciplinary capability, long experience and deep expertise, our experts can bring invaluable insights to each solution and design outcomes that deliver both immediate impact and ongoing value.


Melbourne IT has the expert, certified staff, project delivery processes and long experience that make us the first choice to build enterprise and large scale digital solutions. Partnering with the world’s leading cloud technology providers, our platforms and systems underpin critical services, financial institutions and consumer brands supporting millions of users. We will intelligently build the perfect fit solution that delivers the outcome your organisation needs to transform, evolve and grow.


To ensure that solutions are properly maintained and honed to deliver the most effective outcomes possible, Melbourne IT provides ongoing management of digital solutions. Bringing strong commitment to service delivery, our offering provides 24x7x365 access to systems operations engineers, who work tirelessly to enact real-time change as required. Our mature management and operational processes, industry certifications, enterprise operations experience and breadth of capabilities won’t be found in any other single Australian vendor.

Our Work

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest volunteer fire service, with over 72,000 members providing fire and emergency relief across NSW.

Our Work


beyondblue’s online platforms are key in providing education and support to those in need. Any outages of the platform can cause undue stress and risk to those involved.

Our Work

Campbell Arnott's.

As they approached a major company milestone, we helped Campbell Arnott’s develop a last-minute solution that could support future growth.

Our Work

BSM Global

BSM Global is a leading supplier of trade management solutions for importers and exporters, providing technical and commercial consulting, as well as cloud-based software solutions for international trade and supply chain operations.

Our Work

Bounce Inc.

With highly successful seven locations across Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, Bounce Inc. has set its sights to enter new international markets to drive its global expansion.

Our Work


Read how we equipped Kyocera with a unified platform that allowed their business to deliver even more seamless online customer experiences.

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