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Timely, accurate, and relevant data is essential to the success of any business. It is evident that organisations most likely to be disrupted do not have data as a key focus.

The Melbourne IT Analytics Practice data and analytics capabilities and expertise, help businesses grow through the implementation of innovative data-driven solutions. Our skill lies in exploring our client’s data to uncover patterns, discover solutions, and reveal winning strategies and how to use them to gain a competitive advantage.

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Combine and Manage

The volume and complexity of data available to businesses has risen exponentially in recent years. Our data solutions can move data from one place to another in an efficient, cost-effective way that has minimal impact on your operations. We can collect your data, categorise it, keep it dynamic, and help you keep it that way. With all the data, you need in the one spot you can make informed, data-driven decisions to drive growth and efficiencies

Discover Insights

Our data experts can show you how to use and analyse data to optimise performance and make informed, strategic business decisions. Imagine having easy access to information that demonstrates how your business is performing and provides actionable insights for gaining the competitive edge. We develop data protocols and processes to ensure a regular flow of high-quality, controlled data sets that provide a current, and relevant, overview of business performance. Enabling the business to project future revenue, optimise asset ROI, increase productivity, fast-track growth, reduce costs and minimise risk.

Data in Action

Data makes it possible to understand the consumer and drive effective engagement. With so much data provided in a single view, organisations can target marketing messaging to connect with customers and influence buying behaviour, across various purchasing channels. With outcomes that include an increase in new customers, stronger retention of existing customers, and intelligent strategies for increasing a customer’s value to the business. Ultimately, translating into finding sales and revenue that lies hidden in every business.

Data Governance and Security

Good data governance and security ensures your data is readily available, accurate, understood, up-to-date, well catalogued and, most importantly, secure. Our Data team can help with creating a set of procedures to determine when your data can be accessed, who can access it, what actions they can take with it, and under what circumstances and how. This means you’ll have current, secure, and understood data that can lead to more revenue, lower costs, less risk, and the confidence that comes with having quality, available data.

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Bounce Inc.

With highly successful seven locations across Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, Bounce Inc. has set its sights to enter new international markets to drive its global expansion.

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Simply Energy.

Learn how we helped Simply Energy implement a managed website platform that was as scalable and flexible to meet the demands of their audience.

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Campbell Arnott's.

As they approached a major company milestone, we helped Campbell Arnott’s develop a last-minute solution that could support future growth.

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Read how we equipped Kyocera with a unified platform that allowed their business to deliver even more seamless online customer experiences.

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Coles Financial Services.

Learn how the Outware Mobile Practice from Melbourne IT delivered the Coles Mobile Wallet app that provides customers with convenient and secure access via their phone.

The Infoready Analytics Practice from Melbourne IT was founded 2008 and are experts in designing and implementing data platforms, which combine, manage and analyse data, providing valuable and actionable insights.



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