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When mining company Vale Australia decided on a bold cloud migration plan to support its business strategy, Melbourne IT became the right partner, providing a managed Amazon Web Services cloud solution that has drastically lowered costs and boosted computing efficiency.


With a mission to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development, Vale is a global mining company with headquarters in Brazil. Vale is the world's leading producer

With falling global commodity prices, an aggressive approach to cost reduction became a priority. As part of this process, the IT department was instructed to search for cost opportunities.

Vale's Head of IT in Australia, Marcelo Poly knew that outsourcing the company's business support wouldn't be enough. Vale Australia would also have to consider alternative options. After developing a feasibility study, a full migration to the cloud became one of the key enablers to achieve the targets that were in line with the Vale global IT strategy and target architecture.


Marcelo saw the savings, increased flexibilities and efficiencies that would be delivered by transitioning from Vale's local Fujitsu data centre solution to an updated cloud environment.

Marcelo was specifically interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it had been defined as one of the potential cloud providers as part of the company's global IT target architecture. During the research phase, Melbourne IT Enterprise Services was suggested as one of AWS's top-performing Premier Partners with an impressive track record of delivering results in Australia.

"We clicked with Melbourne IT right away. They made it clear they had the right expertise to help us drive the business efficiencies we were looking for. The relationship has felt like a true partnership, I've been extremely happy with the commitment and service levels" Marcelo said.

Melbourne IT transitioned Vale Australia's entire IT infrastructure, including enterprise workloads, storage and backups to AWS, allowing for a mix of remote hybrid cloud connectivity. Vale Australia was also able to sell their previous hardware to partially finance their transition, which took place within six weeks

Marcelo continues, "Previously our environment was inflexible and costly. With this solution, we now have the flexibility to support the business's strategy, meaning we can scale up or down as required. Before the migration, turning off an environment was cost prohibitive because our hosting capacity was fixed. Today, our capacity caters for what we need to use—and no more. Additionally, austerity is the new norm and it presents a huge opportunity for IT to add value to our organization. Initiatives such as this transform our IT department into a truly strategic partner to our business."

"Transitions like this can be challenging and painful, but the work that Melbourne IT performed was smooth. The result of good planning and brilliant execution" he adds.

According to Marcelo, while other global business units have been interested in moving to the cloud, Australia was the first to break the paradigm in terms of a full data centre migration — largely due to the cost pressures the business was facing.

"I'm now recommending Melbourne IT as potential partners for other geographies or line of business," he says.


  • More than 56% IT cost reduction from migratiom
  • Cost visibility
  • Significant IT Footprint reduction
  • More efficient computing
  • Critical ability to scale up or down as needed
  • Reduction of software licenses
  • Savings from new managed service across network, physical resources, and people
  • 24/7 operational support

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Previously our environment was inflexible and costly. With this solution, we now have the flexibility to support the business’s strategy. I’ve been extremely happy with the commitment, service levels and outcome delivered from Melbourne IT.



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