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7-Eleven Case Study

7-Eleven operates more than 630 convenience stores across Australia and has been in operation in Australia since 1977.  The company and services approximately 190 million customers every year – an average of 6 customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.6 billion.


7-Eleven wanted to develop a cloud-based reporting solution to proactively manage their employee compliance risks and specific operational processes.

The 7-Eleven businesses’ areas of concern included:

  • operational reporting which did not meet the needs of the 7-Eleven business, and could not be customised quickly or easily
  • significant limitations to accessing rich and real time data to be used to identify trends; input into strategy; and input into the businesses’ overall effective management and continual improvement program


Melbourne IT took a structured approach to evaluate and understand business and technical challenges with stakeholders across the 7-Eleven business.  The approach provided extensive data validation; cleansing; and testing activities conducted over a 12-week timeframe - and was rolled out to a central group of Operations and Retail Specialists.  During this process, users gained familiarity with the reporting tool and testing of data validity in a live and dynamic business environment.

Melbourne IT provided project management, Microsoft Azure architecture, data modelling, extract transform and load (ETL), and report design to support 7-Eleven throughout the engagement.

The solution involved building a Microsoft Azure data platform to securely extract data and transform it into a structure optimised for reporting and analytics, within the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence visualisation tool.

The solution architecture used included the following components:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud based analytics solution
  • Secure connection to the Kronos Network
  • Central Identity and Access Management Service (7-Eleven active directory)
  • Network Security Groups and Isolation using Vnets
  • Encryption on data repositories
  • Scheduled daily extracts from Kronos
  • Power BI with Office 365 integration


7-Eleven’s key driver was to provide real time visibility into stores’ time and attendance activities to:

  • Support operational processes in real time
  • Manage compliance risk and support investigations
  • Inform policy and process changes
  • Monitor effectiveness of interventions over time
  • Integrate data with Continuous Controls Monitoring tool


The cloud based solution Melbourne IT Group developed, enables 7-Eleven to proactively manage its’ employee compliance risk and better manage specific operational processes to identify a “whole of network” view. Removing the previous manually intensive process has not only provided a holistic view of the network but saved time, money, and risk through compliance.


7-Eleven can now make data driven business decisions for their employees and stores by utilising a dashboard with a flexible interface which can be customized as required.

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