Collaborate using Windows SharePoint Services 2007

Our Collaborator products use the Windows SharePoint Services 2007 to bring you an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organisational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.
  • Connect people, information and documents
  • Share ideas, organise information and get more work done
  • Build a collaboration environment quickly and easily

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Product Features

  StarterSmall BusinessBig Business
Included Features
Document and database storage space500MB2GB3GB
Sub-webs (sites)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Document and meeting workspacesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly data transfer5GB10GB15GB
Support for a full domain nameavailableavailableavailable
SecurityfalseShared SSLPrivate SSL
Setup Fee (One Time)999999
Monthly Price7999149.99

All prices displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD) including GST



Site Setup & Administration

  • No complicated setup procedures and easy to use templates to design your site
  • Authorised users simply add, edit and delete site content using a web browser
  • Secure access restricted by individual usernames and passwords
  • Set up multiple sub-webs to use for different projects or groups of people
  • Web-based site administrator tool allows you to control who browses, contributes, authors and administers your Hosted SharePoint site
  • Convenient online self-help section

Document & Versioning Management

  • Manage document changes and versions more efficiently by simply checking documents in and out from the central library
  • Create flexible document workspaces that can act as secure FTP sites for storage and easy access to all information about a project
  • Searchable document store, underpinned by a Microsoft SQL database, provides users with powerful and fast search capabilities
  • Use your Hosted Sharepoint site in conjunction with Microsoft Office 2007 to make document management even easier

Coordinate Meetings & Events

  • Compile meeting agendas and distribute minutes, hold discussion forums, make announcements, post events, conduct surveys and a whole lot more from within your Hosted Sharepoint site
  • Set up meeting workspaces to be used as a central resource for meeting minutes, attendees, agendas and tasks

Collaborate Effectively

  • Send email to a SharePoint site. You can use email to add content to your site, such as discussion items, calendar events, and documents
  • Get mobile access to a SharePoint list. You can view a list on a mobile device, which helps you to stay current on team projects and tasks when you are on the road
  • Brainstorm easily with wiki sites. You can use a wiki site to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on a team design, manage knowledge bases, or just gather routine information in a searchable format that is easy to create
  • Poll people more effectively with improved surveys. Surveys are more flexible, with better control over the layout
  • Track your tasks visually with Gantt view. You can create a Project Tasks list, which includes a Gantt view by default or add a Gantt view to other types of lists
  • Receive updates about lists and libraries with RSS Feeds. You can keep track of projects and information with RSS Feeds
  • Manage documents and lists offline. Now you can take your important work with you wherever you go, when you are working with programs that are compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Get Started Quickly

  • Customise your sites quickly. Themes help you to quickly give your sites a professional appearance
  • View your files in a folder or tree view. You can work with your files and lists in a folder structure that is similar to Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Navigate sites more easily. Improved navigation helps you to see where you are on a web site relative to other sites or within the site
  • Track your work with improved calendars. You can now add and revise events from your SharePoint calendar while working with a program that is compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, such as Office Outlook 2007

Centralise Management and Control

  • Better document recovery. When you delete a document, it is first sent to your Recycle Bin
  • Option to require document checkout. Users can be required to check out a file from a library before it is edited
  • Better control with master pages. Site designers can more easily control the common elements of a web site, such as a company header or the navigation format by using a master pag
  • Better management of versions. You can quickly view who makes which changes to a file or list item and restore older versions of documents or list item

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of sites you can build using the Collaborator?

Team Site
A site for teams to quickly organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions
Document Workspace
A site for colleagues to work together on a document. It provides a document library for storing the primary document and supporting files, a tasks list for assigning to-do items, and a links list for resources related to the document.
A site for a community to brainstorm and share ideas. It provides Web pages that can be quickly edited to record information and then linked together through keywords
Blog Site
A site for a person or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on.
Basic Meeting Workspace
A site to plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda, meeting attendees, and documents.
Decision Meeting Workspace
A site for meetings that track status or make decisions. It provides lists for creating tasks, storing documents, and recording decisions.
Social Meeting Workspace
A site to plan social occasions. It provides lists for tracking attendees, providing directions, and storing pictures of the event.
Multi Page Meeting Workspace
A site to plan, organise, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda and meeting attendees in addition to two blank pages for you to customize based on your requirements.
Absence and Vacation Schedule
A site for teams to share information on when team members will be away from the office and who to contact for issues.
Bug Database
A site for teams to track bugs in their shared software projects.
Call Centre
A site for teams to track customer support calls. It provides lists to track customers, service request history and includes a knowledge base.
Contacts Management
A site for teams to track their shared contacts.
Compliance Process Support Site
A site for teams to help plan compliance processes. Excellent for implementing Quality Assurance.
Document Library and Review
A site for teams to store documents and provide feedback on a per-version basis.
Event Planning
A site for teams to plan and manage events like conferences.
Expense Reimbursement and Approval Site
A site for teams to submit and manage expense reports.
Help Desk
A site for teams to submit and manage customer support issues. It provides lists to track service request history and includes a knowledge base.
Inventory Tracking
A site to track inventory items, levels, sales, and orders.
IT Team Workspace
A site for an IT team site to manage incoming issues, projects, and bugs.
Job Requisition and Interview Management
A site for teams to manage their job requisitions, candidates, and interviews.
Knowledge Base
A site to manage and create knowledge assets within an organization.
Lending Library
A site to track the assets of a team lending library.
Physical Asset Tracking and Management
A site for teams to track their existing physical assets and manage the process of proposing new assets.
Change Request Management
A site for teams to track change requests in multiple projects. It provides lists to track change requests, general project information, project tasks, project issues, and project risks.
Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects
A site for teams to track multiple projects. It provides lists to track general project information, project tasks, and project issues.
Project Tracking Workspace
A site that supports team collaboration on projects. This site includes Project Documents, Project Issues, Project Risks, and Project Deliverables lists which may be linked to tasks in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
Room and Equipment Reservations
A site for teams to manage the use of shared rooms and equipment.
Sales Lead Pipeline
A site for sales teams to track contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors application template provides a single location for an external group of members to store and locate common documents such as quarterly reviews, shareholder meeting notes and annual strategy documents. The template also tracks tasks, issues and calendar items so board members have a single location to view information relevant to them.
Business Performance Reporting
The Business Performance Reporting application template helps organization managers track the satisfaction of customers through a combination of surveys and discussions. Surveys can be sent via Office InfoPath 2007 which are then consolidated by the template to give an overall response to a series of questions.
Case Management for Government Agencies
The Case Management for Government Agencies application template helps case managers track the status and tasks required to complete their work. When a case is created, standard tasks and documents are created which are modified based on the work each case manager has completed.
Classroom Management
The Classroom Management application template helps instructors and students organize and store information related to a particular class. The site includes document libraries to store assignments and lecture notes as well as calendars and announcement capability to enable communication from instructor to students.
Clinical Trial Initiation and Management
The Clinical Trial Initiation and Management application template helps teams manage the process of tracking clinical trial protocols, objective setting, subject selection and budget activities. The site provides useful Office Word 2007 templates as well as the capability to create, track and assign tasks and issues related to a particular clinical trial.
Competitive Analysis Site
The Competitive Analysis Site application template helps teams organize information about competitors and their products. The site provides useful Microsoft Office 2007 documents to perform SWOT and other useful competitive analysis techniques. Links to industry, company and product news can also be included to provide a single location for all competitive information.
Discussion Database
The Discussion Database application template provides a location where team members can create and reply to discussion topics. Discussions are organized by categories, which are created by a site manager, and can be linked to Office Outlook 2007 via an RSS feed.
Disputed Invoice Management
The Disputed Invoice Management application template helps accounts payable departments track open invoices including the potential savings associated with paying the invoice early. The site includes useful templates for analysing the reasons invoices are being disputed as well as tracking who to contact for more information.
Employee Activities Site
The Employee Activities Site application template helps manage the creation and attendance of events for employees. Activity owners use the site to review proposals for new activities and create event calendar items. Employees use the site to sign up as well as track which activities they’ve attended in the past.
Employee Self Service Benefits
The Employee Self-Service Benefits application template provides tools for an organization to inform employees about available benefits as well as enabling them to enrol for each benefit.
Employee Training Scheduling and Materials
The Employee Training Scheduling and Materials application template helps instructors and employees manage courses and related materials. Instructors can use the site to add new courses and organize course materials. Employees use the site to schedule attendance at a course, track courses they’ve attended and to provide feedback.
Equity Research
Research companies of interest. Track share price, values and assets.
Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking
The Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking application template helps marketing managers track the implementation and success of outbound marketing activities. The template allows a manager to create marketing activities and track the results of those activities, such as responses generated and sales completed. The template contains multiple methods of analysing the success of the campaigns including automated calculations and Office Excel 2007 templates for more detailed analyses.
Manufacturing Process Management
The Manufacturing Process Management application template helps teams to model and track manufacturing processes as well as tasks and issues that arise in the upkeep of these processes.
New Store Opening
The New Store Opening application template helps a team manage the opening of new store locations or re-modelling of existing store location. The site provides a single location to manage tasks, issues, and documents for all store opening processes, enabling end users to view relevant information and providing project managers insight across the entire project.
Product and Marketing Requirements Planning
The Product and Marketing Requirements Planning application template enables teams to manage the process of collecting and documenting requirements for new products. The site provides several Microsoft Office 2007 templates providing useful techniques for Marketing, Product and Steering committee actions as well as a template for meeting notes and financial information.
Request for Proposal
The Request for Proposal application template helps manage the process of creating and releasing an initial RFP, collecting submissions of proposals and formally accepting the selected proposal from amongst those submitted. The site also helps simplify the process of notifying individuals about the status of the RFP and submitted proposals.
Sports League
The Sports League Site application template helps an intra-company league administrator manage a baseball league. The site tracks team information, players, captains and scheduled team activities such as games, practices and social events. Team members can enter in game results and perform analysis at a team, game or individual player level. The site also enables discussions between league members through a League Discussion board.
Team Work Site
The Team Work Site application template provides a place where project teams can upload background documents, track scheduled calendar events and submit action items that result from team meetings. The site also tracks the creation and purpose of sub-team as well as enables discussion of topics created by members of the team.
Timecard Management
The Timecard Management application template helps teams track hours spent working on various projects. The site enables team members to “punch in” on a particular project and ”punch out” when they cease work. The system automatically generates the time worked by project, and can show managers who is working on a particular project, total hours versus budgeted time and the details of who worked on a each project entered into the site.

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